Under the same title, "ar", my first book of poetry and my first album of authorial songs were released in May 2021.

The project "ar" was born from the selection of poems written in the last years, mainly during the time I lived in Berlin. Some were put to music and, together, became the music album. Some were arranged with photographs, also taken at that time, and resulted in the book. Many were discarded, in the natural cycle of things. All, however, were handwritten and emerged as a form of self-shelter, self-portrait, self-refuge.

"ar" explores the simplicity of essential things (or the essence of simple things?) and invites us all to look more lovingly at ourselves, at those around them, at those close by, at those far away. It gives us back the feeling that we are part of a whole and that what matters is what we feel, not what we represent. Air is what unites us.

In the words of the poet Ana Rüsche, who wrote the book's introduction, "ar" is an invitation to the intimate.

official video "decision"
photos by Sofia Colucci
ar live voice and guitar